Charge up anywhere with the compact Anker Nano power bank for $20

Anker Nano Compact Powerbank Deal

There’s something about tiny tech products that really get the excitement flowing, and that’s why this deal on the Anker Nano compact power bank caught our eye. While not technically tiny, it’s a pretty small power bank that truly emphasizes the essence of an ultra-portable accessory. And that’s what you want a power bank to be. Ultra-portable.

The Anker Nano compact power bank regularly goes for $29.99 but you can currently pick it up for $19.99. It’s so small, that you can plug it into your phone’s charging port and keep it attached while you use the device. That’s rather nifty since you can keep the phone charged while you’re out and about. Or even if you’re just sitting at your desk and you don’t have a wired charger nearby. This power bank doesn’t hold a lot of juice, as it’s just 5,000mAh. So that’s just enough to charge up most phones one time from 0% to 100%. Or it could be used to drip-feed your device power throughout the day.

Here’s a scenario. Let’s say you’re getting off work in an hour and you have about 40% battery life. But you’re also headed out straight after work to meet up with some friends. Just plug this baby into your phone and when that time comes you’ll be assured you have enough power left in your device to get you through the end of the night. The design is convenient too. Because the USB-C plug folds in when not in use. That makes it easier to store in a bag without accidentally breaking off the USB-C plug. It’s even small enough to fit in your pocket!

But it gets better. This is also a two-port power bank. There’s a USB-C port on the side where you can plug in a USB-C cable to charge a second device. Like a pair of true wireless earbuds or a smartwatch.

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