Chrome for Android will let you customize your tab groups

Chrome Android tab groups

Google has come a long way in making tab groups on the mobile version of Chrome not so annoying. When this feature first came out, it was met with a very lukewarm response. However, according to a new report, Chrome for Android will let you customize your tab groups.

Google introduced tab groups to Chrome quite some time ago. They allow you to join tabs together in neat groups so that they don’t take up so much space. Using the mobile version of Chrome, you will see your tabs grouped into grid-style folders. However, there was no real way to customize the tab groups.

Google Chrome for Android will allow you to customize your tab groups

Right now, this feature is still in testing. So, you are going to have to wait for it to reach your phone if you are not a beta tester. As spotted by @Leopeva64 on X, Chrome for Android will show a new dialog box when you create a new tab. When you see the new dialog, you will have some customization options to edit the tab group. These options allow you to rename it and choose a color. One of the main benefits of tab groups on Chrome for desktop is the ability to change the color of the tab. That allows you to better differentiate between groups rather than having to give it a name. This saves space; instead of having a name spelled out, you will have a colored dot.

In the dialog, you will see a text field to enter a name. Also, you will have the option to choose between one of Google’s several pastel colors. When you choose a color, you will see a little colored dot at the top left-hand corner of the tab group. You will then see the name of the group right next to the dot.

This will better allow you to customize groups on Android. It might actually convince more people to use them. Being able to change up your tab groups makes the feature much more convenient to use. One issue that many users had was not being able to tell which groups were which.

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