ChromeOS 125 brings AI wallpapers, backgrounds & more new features

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Google is rolling out ChromeOS 125, adding another round of new features and improvements to Chromebooks. The latest version, which comes less than a month after v124, brings Fast Pair support for input devices, generative AI wallpapers, call control buttons for Bluetooth headsets, and more. Chromebook Plus Consumer users also get AI-generate video conferencing backgrounds.

ChromeOS 125 arrives with more new features and improvements

The latest ChromeOS update introduces a grammar checker to Chromebooks. Called Assistive Copyeditor, the tool helps you improve your writing with feedback and guidance on your grammar, spelling, style, clarity, structure, and flow. It works across all apps but doesn’t interfere with the existing grammar and style corrections tool in Google Docs. Google says users can now enjoy the same capability in other apps.

ChromsOS 125 also adds support for generative AI wallpapers. Google offers “a diverse collection of templates” that you can customize in just a few clicks to get a unique wallpaper for your Chromebook. If you have paired a compatible Bluetooth headset to the device, this update enhances your calling experience as well. You now get buttons to answer, reject, and terminate a call, as well as mute the microphone.

If you are looking for a saved image with certain text within it, you no longer have to guess its file name. You can now find images by searching the text within them in Launcher. You can also customize results in the Launcher search bar. If ChromeOS animations bother, disturb, or distract you, Google has added a setting to disable those. Go to Accessibility > Display and Magnification > Reduced Animations.

Screen Capture on Chromebooks also gains GIF support. When recording your screen, you can choose to save the file in GIF format. You get a “Record GIF” in the dropdown menu before the recording begins. Google will automatically copy the file to your clipboard. Fast pair now works with compatible input devices like mice, while the ChromeOS Gallery video player has picked up playback speed controls.

AI background generator for Chromebook Plus Consumer users

If you are a Chromebook Plus Consumer user, ChromeOS 125 gives you the ability to create virtual backgrounds for video conferencing. You can use text prompts to customize built-in templates. AI-generated backgrounds are automatically saved and available for later use. Last but not least, this update expands live caption support to 6 languages and dictation support to 18 locales. ChromeOS 125 should be available for all eligible Chromebooks in the next few days.

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