ChromeOS is getting keyboard & mouse button shortcut customizations

ChromeOS computer shot

ChromeOS devices just got a new stable update (M123) that enables of keyboard shortcut customizations. Also, the customizations extend to the mouse buttons so you can assign the actions you want. Both new features are great news to boost productivity and show the company’s commitment to constantly adding new features to these devices.

Like other operating systems, ChromeOS includes a set of keyboard shortcuts to quickly execute actions using a specific key combination. For instance, you can take a screenshot by pressing the Ctrl + Show Windows keys, or you can lock your screen by pressing the Search + L keys. However, after the update, you will now be able to choose what action will trigger which available key combination.

This makes it much easier to access the ChromeOS actions most commonly used in your day-to-day. For example, if one of your favorite shortcuts requires you to use both hands to execute the key combination, you can now reassign it to another combination that allows you to trigger it with just one hand. This results in a better and more convenient user experience.

Keyboard shortcuts and mouse button customizations in the latest ChromeOS update

The update also allows you to customize the actions triggered by your mouse buttons. Do you have one of those mice that, in addition to the classic click buttons and the scroll wheel, includes additional buttons? Well, now you can take advantage of them in a better way on your ChromeOS device. For instance, after updating, you can take an instant screenshot by pressing the designated button on your mouse, without further complications.

The customization possibilities in ChromeOS after the latest update do not end there. Users will now be able to set their language preferences individually for each Android app they have installed. This feature has been available on smartphones and tablets since Android 13, so it’s good news to see that it is also available on the company’s desktop OS. Last but not least, Google tweaked the audio output of offline text-to-speech voices to make them sound more natural.

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