Chrome’s “one tap unsubscribe” will stop those spammy popups

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Many things can be misused, and one example is browser notifications. Not all notifications are bad, but many can be really annoying because they keep popping up, especially when they’re not important or useful. One of the updates that could solve this issue could be on the cards. According to WindowsReport, Chrome is working on bringing a one-tap unsubscribe button to the phone’s notifications. This will be coming on Android, per the report, with no signs of iOS at the time of writing.

Google Chrome could finally solve it with a “one tap unsubscribe button”

Google is making it much simpler to unsubscribe from notifications. So, if you knowingly or unknowingly subscribed to any website and you’re getting pop-ups, you know what to do, and that too comes with no hassle. There’ll be a clear Unsubscribe button right on the notification.

And what about accidental unsubscribes? Well, there’s an Undo button to reverse the change. This new feature lets you take control of your notifications. The report adds that Google will enable it for some users starting today, and more people will get it based on feedback and testing. So, if you’re on Chrome Canary, you’re in luck!

How to enable the feature?

At the time, it’s not available to everyone, but it will be coming to all Android users very soon. Once the feature goes live and is available, you can simply copy and paste chrome://flags in the URL bar and search for one tap. Next, enable Notification one tap unsubscribe.

Once you’ve done that, restart Chrome. Next, go to any website and sign up to get notifications. Keep an eye out for the new Unsubscribe button in the notification that shows up on your screen. Click the Unsubscribe button, and you’ll get a message confirming that you won’t get notifications from that website anymore, with options to Undo or OK.

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