Circle to Search is coming to the Pixel 8 in just a few weeks

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On Wednesday, Samsung introduced us to the new Galaxy S24 phones complete with new AI features. There were a bunch of features unveiled, and you can read up on them in our rundown. One of the features unveiled was Circle to Search, and it’s making it to the Pixel 8 really soon.

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Circle to Search is coming to the Pixel 8 soon

While this feature was first unveiled on the Galaxy S24, it’s not exclusive to Samsung’s phones. This is a Google product. Also, it’s a pretty neat feature that makes searching the content in images that much quicker. Google Lens is a great tool for analyzing images, and Circle to Search makes the functionality much more accessible.

If you see an image on your screen that you want to search, rather than going to the Google Lens tool, all you have to do is access Google Assistant. Once it’s up, simply circle the item in the image that you want to search. Google will then hone in on the item you circled and do a Lens search for it. The whole process takes less than a second to complete. However, the speed will depend on the processor you’re using and your internet connection.

For the time being, this feature is going to be reserved for only a few phones. It’s coming with the Galaxy S24 phones, but it’s also going to make it to Google’s phones. Circle to Search is going to land on the Pixel 8 phones on January 31st. That’s just under two weeks away.

If you own the non-Pro model of the phone, you won’t be out of luck with this AI feature. It appears that this feature will be available for both versions of the Pixel 8.

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