Collectors take note, rare Android Minis go on sale March 20

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If you’ve been around the Android scene long enough, you’ll remember a time when Dead Zebra’s Android Minis (some of them rare) that would go on sale was a big deal within the enthusiast community. These little figurines depict the Android robot and generally come in all kinds of fun and unique designs. Some of these would gain immense amounts of popularity among collectors either due to their rarity or just because they were a cool design. Sometimes both.

If you happen to be all about these little figures then you’ll want to take note of Dead Zebra’s next major sale. The company is “moving the warehouse” and it needs to get rid of stock to help fundraise the transition it says. To that end, it’s planning to put up for sale loads of rare and previously unreleased Android Minis. All of this will take place on March 20 but you’ll be able to take a headcount of what’s going to be put up for sale prior to the release date. “A preview of the items will go up prior to the sale start” Dead Zebra says.

Some of the Android Minis going up for sale were previously unavailable to the public

Some of the little figures will be of stock that was never made available to the public before. That should tickle your fancy if you like seeking out these kinds of super rare collectibles. As mentioned above, Dead Zebra plans to show a preview of what items will be available. As of right now though the previews aren’t live.

In addition to previously unavailable items, some of the figures will simply be archived stock of extremely rare figures. Basically, ones that had been sold before but there weren’t that many in circulation. Dead Zebra says these are all going to be production samples. Production samples are small batches of figures that were set aside during a new run for quality control purposes. But now Dead Zebra is looking to unload them so it can put those funds toward the move and “further projects.”

The figures will be sold on a daily sliding scale

Keep in mind this is geared towards collectors. So if the prices seem like they start high, it’s intentional. Dead Zebra will begin by selling everything on the first and second days for $100 each. But as each pair of days goes by, the sliding scale will shift those prices downwards. Days three and four will see everything drop to $75 each. Then to $50 each on days five and six, and all the way down to $12 each. There are some things to keep in mind here, though.

Things won’t be $12 each until days nine and ten. The more important detail is that many of these figures will have very low stock. And they’re likely to run out incredibly fast. Dead Zebra says that most of the samples listed will have an average of about 20 in stock. That already isn’t a ton. Some, however, will only have a stock of 2 or 3. And those will most assuredly be gone immediately. The point is, if you fancy yourself some new rare Android Minis, don’t wait till the prices are lower. Because you’ll likely miss out.

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