Console covers for the new PS5 make their debut at CES

Smaller PS5 Console (1)

When unveiled the new PlayStation 5 officially back in October, one thing it briefly mentioned but didn’t show was the console covers for this new version of the system. It did mention the price and that they would be launching sometime in 2024.

Fast forward to CES and Sony has a presence here with plenty of new gadgets. Like this XR headset for content creation. Surprisingly, it has a display at its booth that showcases the new PlayStation 5 with the first three console covers it plans to release. This includes console covers in Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver. These are also three of the latest colors for the DualSense controller as well as console covers for the original PlayStation 5 design. So it isn’t too surprising to start with these ones for the new “slim” model.

Worth noting is that the Sterling Silver console cover isn’t yet available. It releases on January 26 but is available for pre-order exclusively through PlayStation Direct. The other two colors were released on November 3 of last year.

Console covers for the new PlayStation 5 will start at $54.99

New PlayStation 5 Console Covers
Image credit: Chris Welch – The Verge

Sony doesn’t give specific pricing on these three colors, which are part of the Deep Earth collection that is exclusive to PlayStation Direct. That being said, the ones for the regular PlayStation 5 Disc and Digital Editions are $59.99. So the covers for the new model will likely be the same price.

Sony has confirmed a matte black console cover for the new console design is coming too. The matte black is likely to be $54.99 along with some of the other older colors.

Interestingly, Sony may be going for an all-matte finish on these new console covers. As The Verge points out, the ones on display at CES have a matte finish on both the top and bottom sections of the cover. The white ones that come with the console split this with one half being a matte finish and the other having a glossy finish. The glossy plastic tends to pick up fingerprints more. Sony definitely made the right call with these console covers.

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