Disney finally launches ‘Hulu on Disney+’ with new app logo

Disney+ Hulu New Logo

Disney has finally launched “Hulu on Disney+” after successful beta testing. It gives Disney Bundle subscribers in the United States access to Hulu content within the Disney+ app. Furthermore, an icon for the newly updated app is now visible on Android devices and Google TV.

Hulu content arrives on Disney+ in the US

With Hulu integrated into Disney+, subscribers can now enjoy thousands of general entertainment titles along with their favorite Disney+ shows. These include recommendations, sets, and collections within the Disney+ interface, allowing users to have a more versatile content library.

According to the company statement, by integrating Hulu with its platform, Disney wants customers to explore both sides of two entirely different subsidiaries on a single platform. Albeit with separate subscriptions, users can bundle both services and access them from one app ecosystem.

For the launch of “Hulu on Disney+,” there is also a new logo and animation that plays when you open the app The new logo combines elements of both platforms; blue represents Disney+, while green represents Hulu. To honor Princess Aurora as well as pay homage to her, the color Aurora has been included in the logo design.

Hulu on Disney+ is region-exclusive with no word about its global availability

The updated Disney+ logo has been coming up gradually on Apple platforms over the past week but now, it’s also appearing on Android and Google TV devices. However, note that this changed logo still only applies specifically to US consumers who are using the application’s Hotstar version of Disney+. The traditional versions of these applications have not seen any change in their logos although they remain displayed together with Hulu integration for people living in the US.

On the whole, “Hulu on Disney+” is Disney’s big step towards enhancing its streaming services and providing clients with a more unified entertainment program. By incorporating Hulu’s library into an updated label or even rewriting the logotype anew, the company continues dominating its competition with a unique upscaled content library.

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