Disney planning to launch Standalone ESPN Streaming Service Next Year


During its most recent earnings call, Disney mentioned that they are planning to launch a standalone ESPN streaming service in the fall of 2025. This has been talked about before, as Disney is looking to go all-in on making ESPN a streaming service. But now we are getting a bit more details on this service.

Interestingly, this comes just a few days after Fox, Warner Bros Discovery, and Disney announced a combined sports streaming service that would launch this fall. Disney says that its new ESPN service will have more features than the joint streaming service will. However, Disney CEO Bob Iger was pretty vague on what those features might be. Given that the service isn’t expected for another 18 months or so, that’s not a big surprise.

No pricing has been announced; however, it can be bundled with Disney Plus and Hulu.

As expected, Iger did not mention pricing here for this new service. But he did mention that you will be able to bundle it with existing Disney streaming services. Some are predicting that this new ESPN service would cost between $30 and $50. That sounds pretty accurate, considering Bally Sports Plus is $20 per month, and you’re only getting regional games with that service.

Iger said on the Disney earnings call that “we’re excited to offer a more unified streaming experience which we expect will deliver strong benefits in terms of higher engagement, lower churn, and greater advertising opportunities.” Iger continued by saying “When we launch our stand-alone ESPN service, we’ll also make it available on Disney Plus for bundle subscribers, just as we’ve done for Hulu.”

Back in December, Disney started to integrate Disney Plus and Hulu a bit more by adding a section for Hulu within the Disney Plus app. However, it is limited, as it’s primarily original content that is appearing on Hulu inside Disney Plus. This is part of a beta test, but Disney does plan to launch this in the first half of 2024.

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