DXOMARK Finds Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Lags Behind 2022 Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review AM AH 30

DXOMARK has published the results of the camera testing for Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra, and it’s not all good news. It achieved a score of 144. Which sounds pretty good, right? Well, not entirely. This puts the Galaxy S24 Ultra at 18th on DXOMARK’s rankings and surprisingly puts it behind a number of phones that were launched in 2023 and 2022.

Just above the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the iPhone 15/15 Plus, which was released in 2023. The iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max is also right above it, released in September 2022. The kicker is right below the Galaxy S24 Ultra (a single point below it, actually) is the Huawei P50 Pro, which came out in July 2021. This alone shows that Samsung needs to make some changes to its cameras.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra hasn’t really compared well to its predecessor since launching earlier this month. And there were rumors about it getting an update before launch. This wasn’t true, and obviously, now we know it’s not true since the phone launched today, and there is still no update. However, I’m sure there is an update coming to the Galaxy S24 Ultra pretty soon. We just don’t know when.

The DXOMARK results

Now, let’s go over the results. For photo, it did pretty well, scoring 144 points. The only real issues here were autofocus and noise. Bokeh received a score of 70, which isn’t bad, but it’s also not great. Zoom picked up a score of 145 points, which, surprisingly, is quite far below the record score for both telephoto and wide camera sensors. Finally, there’s Video, which scored 137 points. It really seemed to fall behind in Exposure, Color, and Texture.

The good news here? It did improve in almost every area of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The only one that remained the same was actually Bokeh. The other areas picked up almost 10 points each. And the overall score is 9 points higher.

Samsung phones don’t generally fare well in the camera tests from DXOMARK. How could that be? Well, one reason is that DXOMARK is pay-to-play. They actually offer a way for manufacturers to pay them to optimize their cameras for DXOMARK’s tests to score better. It’s not a surprise, as they do need to make money somehow. But it’s important not to make DXOMARK the end-all-be-all for camera testing. It’s still a good resource for checking out cameras and other tests, but that should not be the only review and/or tests that you check out.

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