Dyson’s funky-looking Purifier Cool Gen 1 fan is on sale for $299

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Dyson makes some really cool-looking products, from fans to heaters to hair dryers and everything in between. And today, Amazon is discounting the Dyson Purifier Cool Gen 1 by $130 – making it just $299. That’s still quite pricey for a fan, but keep in mind that this is not just a fan. But also an air purifier. Which itself makes this price worth it.

It’s a cool-looking fan that will keep your home nice and cool but also purify the air in your home. It can purify the entire home, too, which is always good to see. That’s going to be a big deal for those who have asthma or allergies, as this uses a HEPA filter and is able to get about 99.9% of allergens out of the air. It’s also able to sense and report air quality automatically.

This fan is able to turn up to 350 degrees, so it can’t do the full rotation, but it is pretty close. What is cool about this fan is that Dyson has a remote magnetically attached to it. So you’ll never lose it. That is, as long as you put it back where it belongs. There’s an LCD panel on the front, which will show you the real-time air quality, too. Those of you that are light sleepers, don’t worry, the Dyson Purifier Cool is super quiet, so it can run while you are asleep and it won’t keep you up.

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