Enjoy Xbox in toast form with this totally real Series S toaster

Xbox Series S Toaster

You probably didn’t know you needed an Xbox Series S toaster. And you don’t. But if you’re an Xbox fan this is an appliance you’re going to want to add to your kitchen. It’s the quintessential Xbox-themed gadget that can help you enjoy a little snack while you play games. Like any good toaster, it does what it sets out to do. It toasts your bread to a nice crispness on the outside. It takes things a step further though by burning the Xbox sphere logo onto the bread. What’s more, it looks like an Xbox Series S and is shaped like one too.

Complete with the same white color scheme and black air vent on the side. Sure it’s a novelty. But it’s also a functioning toaster that appears to have a handful of useful features. And all for a quite reasonable $39.99. We’d say that’s a bargain if you’re on the prowl for a novelty toaster that’s themed after things you love.

The Xbox Series S toaster actually sounds like a decent appliance

Aside from being a neat novelty appliance, the Xbox Series S toaster actually sounds like a decent toaster. Thanks to a wide range of features that you maybe wouldn’t get with other toasters in this price range.

For starters, it comes with a removable crumb tray. I haven’t purchased many toasters in my life, so maybe this is more common than I’m aware of. But of the ones I have purchased, it certainly wasn’t a common feature. The point is cleaning a toaster can be a huge pain but the removable crumb tray in this one ensures a simplified process of getting rid of those crumbs.

It also has an anti-jam function so things won’t get stuck and non-stick coated plates. Additionally, there’s a temperature control function and six settings of browning so you get your toast just the way you like it. It even has a bagel button and the slots are wide enough to support things like Texas toast and artisan loaves of bread. There’s an LED countdown timer too so you know how far along your toast is before it’s done. Presumably to help you avoid burning it.

If you want this toaster for yourself, you can currently pick it up at Walmart. Which also conveniently sells the replica Xbox Series X Mini Fridge.

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