Enjoy your favorite shows with the Fire TV Cube for only $120

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Amazon is offering a discount on its latest version of the Fire TV Cube and right now you can pick it up for just $119.99. It regularly costs $139.99 so you’re saving about 14% on it. This is the fastest and most powerful streaming device Amazon has ever made and it’s got a lot of great features that make this worth having. While more expensive than other streaming devices, including Amazon’s own Fire TV products, the new Fire TV Cube also offers stuff those things don’t.

Our favorite feature is the additional HDMI port on the back. You might think, “oh it’s just an HDMI port. What’s so exciting about that?” Well, you can use it to plug in other entertainment devices so you can control them hands-free. You read that right. Amazon made it so you can use Alexa to control other devices with your voice by plugging them into the Fire TV Cube’s second HDMI port. That sort of convenience is pretty nifty we’d say.

This version of the Fire TV Cube also supports Wi-Fi 6E so you get a smoother streaming experience. For the gamers, the Fire TV Cube is a Luna-compatible device. If you’re unfamiliar with Amazon Luna, it’s a streaming service for games. You simply launch the Luna app and pick a game from one of the channels available. Speaking of streaming, the main reason you might want this device is easy access to all your favorite streaming apps. Watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows right on your TV.

Now you could do the same thing with just your TV’s built-in operating system. However, the Fire TV Cube user interface is going to be way easier to navigate. We also really love that the Fire TV Cube has support for both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. You’ll need a compatible TV and compatible speakers to use these features. But it makes a big difference in how content looks and sounds.

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