Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra is coming

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 AH 7

It seems like Samsung is ditching the Watch 7 Pro rumors and going all-in with a brand new smartwatch named as the Galaxy Watch Ultra. While we’re not sure if Samsung will unveil the Watch 7 Pro in the next generation Watch 7 series, one thing we can say for sure is that Samsung will indeed introduce a brand-new smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch Ultra.

Previously, details regarding the battery size of the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro had surfaced. According to the latest findings in our database, Samsung might introduce the Watch Ultra instead of the Watch 7 Pro. We expect Samsung to unveil three new watches: the Watch 7, Watch 7 Classic, and Watch Ultra.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is finally arriving

Earlier reports indicated a larger battery (578mAh) for an upcoming Galaxy Watch with the model number of EB-BL705ABY. While we expected three new watches (Watch 7, Watch 7 Classic, and Watch Ultra), Samsung might skip the Classic model as Samsung had previously skipped the Classic model with the Watch5 series. Our database reveals three distinct model numbers (SM-L705U, SM-L705N, and SM-L705F) for the upcoming Galaxy Watch Ultra. These model numbers represent the US, Korea, and Global. The new Watch Ultra will be officially launched in several regions.

Galaxy Watch Ultra

Galaxy Watch Ultra

We know that the Galaxy Watch FE will carry similar features to the Galaxy Watch4 introduced in 2021. The Galaxy Watch4 still holds up quite well even in 2024. It’s great to see Samsung introducing an affordable Watch model because not everyone’s budget is sufficient for a smartwatch. Considering that many premium smartwatches cost almost the same as a mid-range Android smartphone, it makes sense for companies to introduce an affordable alternative smartwatch.

Samsung is also expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE in the coming months. This naming strategy mirrors Apple’s recent approach with the Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch SE. Samsung’s Watch FE will serve as a more budget-friendly alternative to the Watch Ultra. As previously mentioned in our Galaxy Watch FE article, the Galaxy Watch FE will be available with specific models (SM-R866F, SM-R866U, and SM-R866N) for the US, Korea, and other markets. The watch is expected to share features with the well-regarded Galaxy Watch4 (2021).

Exclusive Galaxy Watch FE leak

Exclusive Galaxy Watch FE leak

Phones and smartwatches have undoubtedly made everyone’s lives easier. Especially if you’re someone who frequently works out, tracking your fitness activity can be highly beneficial. Despite their relatively limited functions, smartwatches still come with high price tags. However, Samsung’s decision to introduce the Watch FE as an alternative to the Watch Ultra is a commendable step.

Samsung is working on 2 different models, “FE” and “Ultra”

We can expect significant differences between the Watch Ultra and Watch FE, although we don’t currently have exact technical specifications for both watches. Samsung may surprise us this year by introducing a highly advanced smartwatch. The Watch Ultra could feature advanced sensors that allow for more accurate tracking of workout activities, such as providing more accurate data while swimming due to increased durability against water pressure. Additionally, it could provide more accurate GPS tracking. It’s safe to say that the battery life of the Watch Ultra will be significantly better, as Samsung plans to use a much larger battery than ever before in its next smartwatch.

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