First clamshell foldable from Xiaomi is one step closer to launch

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The very first clamshell foldable smartphone from Xiaomi is now one step closer to launch. The phone not only appeared in a regulatory filing, but that filing confirmed that it will offer satellite connectivity.

The first clamshell foldable from Xiaomi is coming, and it’s now one step closer to launch

The Xiaomi MIX Flip, which is allegedly the name of this phone, appeared over at MIIT in China. It appeared under the model number 2311BPN23C. That model number appeared on IMEI database earlier and has been linked with the ‘Mix Flip’ name. Once released, the name will likely be ‘MIX Flip’, though.

A tipster did say, a while back, that this device is an “extremely thin and portable” clamshell foldable. We don’t really know a lot about the device thus far, though. Back in September, a sketch of the device appeared, but we’re not sure that is legit. It looks a bit odd, in all honesty.

Some rumors shared the alleged processor this phone will use. The Xiaomi MIX Flip will allegedly ship with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC. So, not the latest and greatest from Qualcomm, but not far from it.

The Xiaomi MIX Flip will launch this year

In regards to its launch timeframe, several rumors said we can expect it in 2024. The device is expected to arrive at some point this year, but we’re not sure when. Considering that it already appeared on several certification websites, it could launch in the first half of 2024.

You can expect this device to have rather powerful specs, though not be the most powerful foldable Xiaomi released. That title will most likely be kept by the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3.

We do expect the device to offer two or three cameras on the back, and a rather nice main display with a 120Hz refresh rate. A secondary panel will also be included, but we don’t know how large will it be.

Knowing Xiaomi, fast charging will be a part of the offering, though we’re not sure about wireless charging. The Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 does have it, but the Xiaomi MIX Flip may omit it, we’ll see.

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