Fitbit smartwatches to lose third-party app support in Europe

Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbit smartwatch users in Europe will lose access to third-party apps starting this summer. In an update to its support pages, Google-owned Fitbit has announced that it will remove support for installing third-party apps and watch faces starting in June 2024. This is due to new regulatory requirements in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Fitbit said that users will still have access to apps and watch faces developed by Fitbit and Google. However, the ability to discover and install new third-party offerings through the Fitbit App Gallery will be removed. It remains unclear whether existing downloads will continue to work after this date.

“You can download and install third-party apps until June 2024. After that date, you will continue to have access to a diverse gallery of apps and clocks developed by Fitbit and Google,” Google wrote on the updated support page.

Google will remove Fitbit’s third-party apps and watch faces in Europe

The removal of third-party app support will impact a wide range of Fitbit’s smartwatch portfolio, from older models like the Ionic and Versa lines to the current flagship Sense 2. However, basic models like the Charge 5 and Inspire 3 appear safe from this change for now. Similarly, Google’s own Pixel Watch is unlikely to be affected.

The move isn’t entirely surprising, as Fitbit users have seen a reduction in features and functionality over the past few years. Google has removed popular features like Fitbit Adventures, Open Groups, and Challenges. Support for using the Spotify and Deezer apps has also been removed.

These changes come after Google’s recent decision to update the brand from Fitbit by Google to something shorter. Its new name, Google Fitbit, is much more on brand with how Google usually names its products and services.

The exact regulations were not specified. However, this is the latest blow to the smartwatch experience on Fitbit devices in Europe. Fitbit users in the EU will have a limited window to use third-party apps and watch faces. You can check out this Google page for affected Fitbit smartwatches.

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