Galaxy AI’s ‘Circle Search’ feature makes searching with images easier

Samsung Galaxy Experience Space S24 series AI

Under the tagline ‘Galaxy AI,’ Samsung aims to elevate the user experience by integrating AI-technologies seamlessly into the upcoming Galaxy S24 series devices. Some previous rumors have already hinted at real-time call translation and advanced photo editing features of the upcoming flagship series from Samsung.

Leaker Ahmed Qwaider sheds light on a distinctive feature called Circle Search, hinting at an innovative way to interact with photos. The leaked information suggests users will have the ability to search for items in a photo simply by drawing a circle around them.

Moreover, insights from another reliable leaker, Alvin, indicate that Samsung is integrating Galaxy AI deeply into essential applications like Samsung Keyboard and Samsung Notes. One of the AI features in Samsung Keyboard is tone detection and conversion into a different tone. According to the rumor, Samsung Keyboard will recognize five different tones including professional, casual, and one that involves the use of emojis.

The rumored capabilities seem to be compelling enough to entice users to switch from other popular keyboards, such as Gboard. This suggests that the Galaxy S24 series aims not only for technical prowess but also strives to offer a more intuitive and efficient user interface.

Galaxy AI in the Galaxy S24 Ultra will also make it easier to convert handwritten notes made with the S Pen

One of the standout AI features of Samsung‘s upcoming flagship is the ability of the new phones to summarize webpages, providing users with a quick overview. Additionally, the devices are rumored to be capable of detecting the tone of written text and offering users the option to edit it to match a specific tone, be it professional or casual. These features highlight Samsung’s commitment to leveraging AI for enhancing communication and productivity.

The leaks also suggest that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will take advantage of AI in converting handwritten notes made with the S Pen into various formats, such as a professional email or a text invitation. This integration of AI into the S Pen functionality showcases Samsung’s dedication to innovation across multiple aspects of the smartphone experience.

As Samsung positions the Galaxy S24 series against competitors like the Pixel 8, known for its AI capabilities, the incorporation of these advanced features could give the Galaxy S24 a competitive edge. With reservations now open and the official announcement scheduled for January 17, tech enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones and the full spectrum of AI features they promise to deliver.

Galaxy AI circle search
Credit: @AhmedQwaider888

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