Galaxy Ring will soon support Samsung Food to become your AI nutritionist

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After the era of health or fitness bands, we are now gradually shifting to the world of smart rings. The recently launched Galaxy Ring is a prime example of it. It can do almost all the tasks just like your fitness band such as a health monitor, sleep monitor, etc. Samsung has a huge plan to improve it in the future further. As a part of one of those plans, the brand has approved a new plan to integrate Galaxy Ring into Samsung Food.

Galaxy Ring and Samsung Food to become your new AI nutritionist

Samsung Food is a global platform that recommends dietary ideas to its users. The firm is now planning to integrate some of its products such as Galaxy Ring to further improve the reliability of the services. First reported by ChonSun Biz, Samsung has approved a plan that focuses on adding the support of Samsung electronic products such as refrigerators and the Galaxy Ring to the Samsung Food services.

They are yet to reveal more details about the plan. Considering the brand has a top-notch research and innovation department, we may not be shocked if the actual implementation of the plan begins in a few days. We will have to wait until the brand sheds more light on the information. They may also integrate this into the One UI to create a complete ecosystem for Samsung users.

Why was this integration of Galaxy Ring and Samsung Food needed?

According to a Samsung official, Samsung Food will be able to create more personalized food menus using the data from Galaxy Ring and other smart home appliances. For example, if you have kept some ready-to-eat food inside the AI-powered Samsung refrigerator, the platform will analyze the food and then the health data from your Galaxy Ring to suggest the best food menu or option possible.

If we take it further, the AI will now send the data to your Samsung Oven which will solve the hassle of users manually operating it. The AI will decide the temperature, time, and heating intensity itself. In short, they are creating a whole ecosystem based on Samsung Food services. They, no doubt, want to dominate the FoodTech industry. This new industry itself is very fascinating given that it combines the tech with our dietary plans.

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