Galaxy S24 Ultra handled drop test without major damage

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra AM AH

Samsung‘s recently launched Galaxy S24 series is currently going through all different kinds of tests and comparisons with its competitors. One of which is the durability test of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and it aims to let you know how much care your new flagship will require to prevent further weight reduction of your wallet.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has undergone a durability test performed by PBK Electronics on YouTube. The phone survived four drops on a concrete surface from waist height. The drops resulted in some minor scrapes on the titanium frame and a small crack on the top right of the flat screen.

The waist height drop test resulted in minor scrapes on the frame and a small crack on the front glass

Dropping on the back from the same height also yielded relatively the same result, i.e. minor scrapes on the frame. The camera lens cover and the rear glass remained completely intact. Notably, both the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen were cracked after this test. All three phones are nearly identical in weight. So, the Gorilla Glass Armor and the titanium frame seem to have improved the durability of the new flagship.

Although, a drop from a slightly different position may yield a different result. So, one should consider a protective case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra regardless of the iterative durability improvements.

Galaxy S24 Ultra performed flawlessly in the Scratch test with sand

Upon rubbing with sand and dust, the Gorilla Glass Armor on the display seemed to remain unscratched. However, long-time use without a screen protector can still scratch the display due to the exposure to certain minerals such as quartz in the form of dust particles.

Speaking of the Gorilla Glass Armor, there are alternatives in the industry at present that perform even better in drops on a solid surface. The reviewer referenced Huawei‘s Kunlun glass which performed significantly well in multiple drops from a head height on the same concrete surface in his Huawei Mate 50 Pro drop test performed last year.

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