Galaxy S24 users are not happy with their phones’ cameras

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Samsung replaced its signature 10x telephoto camera with a ‘downgraded’ 5x one for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, this isn’t the only factor that is facing user complaints. Many people are also reporting “blurry” or simply poor camera quality of the Galaxy S24 series devices.

Samsung is opting for relatively less aggressive image processing with the Galaxy S24 series

One user commented on the Samsung community (Korean) “I’m stressed because the picture quality is lower than my previous phone, the S20.” He noted that textures and other detailed parts appear completely blurry to him. The user seeks confirmation from Samsung about whether a future software update will address the inconsistencies with the imaging capabilities he is experiencing. Another user noted that her two-year-old predecessor appears to offer more visually appealing images than the Galaxy S24.

According to the moderator’s response, Samsung has opted for a more natural-looking output. Samsung devices generally increase the saturation to make it eye-pleasing. Other than that, sharpening the images digitally is something almost every smartphone brand does. But, no solution will please everyone’s eyes. In this case, the slightly less saturated colors and possibly a less aggressive image processing overall are the reasons behind the above-mentioned comments.

The moderator also noted that Samsung cares about user feedback and will strive to match the needs. To do so, users are encouraged to share the “problematic” photos with the company through the Send Error menu in Members. Samsung will try to analyze the problem in the images and include corrections in future firmware updates.

The series is also facing challenges with its displays

Aside from the camera, the 2600-nit display is also having some issues. Initially, the Galaxy S24 series’ AOD appeared to have a yellowish tone, then a Galaxy S24 Ultra surfaced with a green line on the display. It isn’t the first time we are seeing this particular issue on a phone and it may be an issue with that particular unit as well. Nonetheless, we hope this issue does not become widespread and that Samsung manages to meet the expectations of as many users as possible.

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