Galaxy S24’s instant slo-mo feature to get HDR10+ support soon

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Samsung introduced its latest flagship smartphones called the Galaxy S24, S24+, and the S24 Ultra earlier in January. Among the new hardware, the Galaxy AI editing tools are the biggest highlights of the new flagship trio. One of these AI-powered editing tools is called Instant Slow-Mo. As the name suggests, it is capable of slowing down regular videos to make them look like they were shot in the slo-mo mode.

At the moment, the Galaxy S24’s instant slo-mo feature only works on non-HDR10+ videos. However, this is going to change soon as the company will soon roll out an update to fix it. The new firmware will allow Galaxy S24’s instant slo-mo feature to offer HDR10+ video support.

The upcoming software update will allow the instant slo-mo feature to offer HDR10+ video support

While replying to a user on Samsung’s community website, a moderator confirmed that the instant slo-mo’s HDR10+ support is in the works. The moderator said that the support for HDR10+ videos has been implemented in the slo-mo functionality on the Galaxy S24. The upgraded feature will be released to the users via a new software update. As of now, there’s no word when this firmware update will be released. The moderator did mention that “we will notify you when the SW update is provided”.

After the update, Samsung will improve the Instant Slow-Mo feature on the Galaxy S24 series devices by adding support for HDR10+ videos. The feature will let you use Galaxy AI and Instant Slow-Mo features to view and edit a regular HDR10+ video. Currently, to use HDR10+ footage with the Galaxy AI, you must convert it into the SDR quality.

Several other improvements are planned for the Instant Slow-Mo feature

Apart from support for HDR10+ videos, Samsung also has several other improvements planned for the Instant Slow-Mo feature. Soon, the brand will be adding “.mov” file editing support in the built-in video editor of the Gallery app.

Also, you will soon be able to directly share the Instant Slow-Mo footage of any video by hitting the Share button. As of now, it is not possible as you first have to export the footage in order to share it with others.

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