Galaxy Watch 7 to feature Samsung’s first 3nm chip Exynos W1000

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Samsung appears all set to launch its first product powered by a 3nm chipset in a couple of months. It won’t be a Galaxy S flagship or a foldable, but a smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch 7 series will be the company’s first product to feature a 3nm chip, the Exynos W1000. Next year’s Galaxy S25 series will also feature a 3nm processor, the Exynos 2500 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 4.

Galaxy Watch 7 to introduce Samsung’s first 3nm chip

Rumors about Samsung equipping the Galaxy Watch 7 series with a 3nm chip have been around for several months now. A new report from The Korea Economic Daily has confirmed it, revealing more details about the chipset. The upcoming wearable processor will be called Exynos W1000, not Exyons W940 as suggested by earlier rumors. Perhaps that was a calculated guess considering that the Galaxy Watch 6 is powered by the Exynos W930.

Samsung likely decided to start afresh to reflect the leap from 5nm to 3nm process technology. According to the new report, the Galaxy Watch 7’s Exynos W1000 will be fabricated on the company’s second-generation 3nm process node. It is the most advanced technology available in the semiconductor industry, with TSMC being the only other foundry currently mass-producing chips based on a second-gen 3nm process.

The new wearable chip from Samsung will reportedly bring over 20% faster performance and power efficiency over the Galaxy Watch 6’s Exynos W930. With these improvements, the new watches should feel smoother to operate and run longer with a single charge. The company will unveil the Galaxy Watch 7 lineup at its upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris, France. The event will take place on July 10, the Korean publication confirms.

The new watches will bring many other upgrades

A 3nm processor won’t be the only notable upgrade the Galaxy Watch 7 brings to the table. Rumors say the new watch will boast double the storage space (32GB) as the Galaxy Watch 6. We are also expecting a bigger battery, improved software experience with AI features, and enhanced Samsung Health with new capabilities. Samsung has been working on noninvasive blood sugar monitoring technology for wearables.

Despite all of these improvements, the Galaxy Watch 7 may not be the main attraction at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked. The company will launch the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 at the same event and the foldables might grab the limelight. The Korean firm may also finally announce the long-awaited market release of the Galaxy Ring. It unveiled the groundbreaking smart ring at MWC 2024 at the end of February.

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