Get this incredibly lightweight LG laptop for $700

LG Gram Deal

Right now Amazon has a pretty good deal on the LG Gram that you’re not going to want to miss if you’re on the hunt for a laptop. The regular price for the LG Gram is right around $805 but Amazon currently has it on sale for $700. So you end up saving $105.

The LG Gram is a super lightweight laptop that’s also incredibly thin. It also still has a large 16-inch display. So this is a laptop that’s perfect for anyone who wants something easy to carry around on a daily basis, but doesn’t want to give up the bigger screen. In fact, that’s the main appeal of the LG Gram. A 16-inch laptop that’s thin and light making it perfect for things like work commutes and school.

The LG Gram only weighs about 2.7 lbs. so when we say it’s lightweight we definitely mean it’s lightweight. And with the 16-inch screen, you still get plenty of room for your work or enjoying entertainment. When it comes to other specs, the LG Gram comes with 256GB of internal storage which isn’t a ton. However, it is probably enough for casual use.

It also runs on Windows 11 and has an Intel Evo 12th Gen CPU and Intel Iris Xe graphics, as well as 16GB of RAM. There are some really cool features of the laptop that you’ll love too. Like the smart display with LG Glance. This blurs the screen so people behind you can’t view it which is nice for security. It also automatically locks the screen when you walk away. Additionally, it has up to 13 hours of battery life. That’s perfectly suitable for a day’s worth of use without having to bring the charger with you. If you need a lightweight laptop that lasts throughout the day, this an excellent option.

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