GIGABYTE teams up with NVIDIA for new AI-powered RTX PCs


GIGABYTE is announcing its latest range of computer products at Computex this week and this includes a new series of RTX AI PCs. In a partnership with NVIDIA, GIGABYTE is launching a new suite of laptops that feature the latest NVIDIA laptop GPUs, as well as artificial intelligence features baked right into the machine.

AI is becoming more and more important for PC manufacturers and as such you’re starting to see more of those AI functions float to the top of the feature list. We started seeing more of this the rise of AI-powered chips from Intel at the tail end of last year and the beginning of this year. Like the Intel Core Ultra. Microsoft has also recently made announcements about new Copilot PC offerings. Now it’s NVIDIA’s turn, although this is hardly NVIDIA’s first dance with artificial intelligence. In fact, ASRock just announced new AI-powered products in partnership with NVIDIA this morning.

That being said, it is one of the first times NVIDIA has partnered with a laptop manufacturer to showcase its AI offerings as a cornerstone of new laptops coming to market.

New GIGABYTE AI PCs will feature GeForce RTX 40-series GPUs from NVIDIA

GIGABYTE hasn’t released a ton of specifics on these new laptops yet, but the company does say the partnership with NVIDIA includes a “full range” of RTX AI PCs. What’s more, is that every one of these laptops will come with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40-series GPU inside. Chances are this will include GPUs at every price point. So expect to see options with GPUs from the 4060 range all the way up to the 4080. There’s also a chance some of these GPUs will be the Ti variant since some brands have already released laptops with the Ti cards in them.

These will also support features like Ray Tracing, Ace NIM, DLSS, and more.

GIGABYTE also has new motherboards coming

In addition to new laptops, GIGABYTE is also announcing some new motherboards. These include the new AORUS Tachyon, AORUS Master, AORUS Ultra, AORUS ELITE, and AERO G. All of which are Intel-based and have baked-in AI features as well. These are based on the Z890 chipset and will support the Arrow Lake CPUs coming from Intel later this year. GIGABYTE’s new boards seem to cover a full spectrum of options. From high-end all the way down to entry-level or mid-range. Whether you’re looking for something that’s well-suited to a larger PC case or something smaller in the Mini-ITX family.

GIGABYTE hasn’t announced pricing for these boards or exact availability.

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