Google and HP join forces to commercialize Project Starline

New Project Starline Prototype

Google has taken an important step in its plans to commercialize Project Starline by allying with HP. The company wants to bring the project into the business environment.

Project Starline was born with the focus of eliminating the feeling of distance during video conferences. It uses an advanced combination of technologies to give the impression that the other party is actually there, in front of you. Google believes that boosting the “person-to-person” experience generates multiple positive impacts, including productivity.

The company claims that Project Starline contributes to “~30% boost in memory recall,” “~15% increase in visual attentiveness,” and “up to 50% more nonverbal communication.”

Project Starline closer to being commercial after Google and HP alliance

Now, Google has announced an alliance with HP to leverage its experience with Poly technology in the commercial implementation of Project Starline. The Poly product ecosystem is focused on delivering advanced solutions for hybrid and video communications. This added to HP’s extensive experience in IT solutions, led the Mountain View giant to choose it as a partner in this task.

Since its initial presentation, Google has significantly improved Project Starline. Previously, the complexity of the system required an entire cabin to operate. Now, it only requires a digital whiteboard with a depth guard (also called a “magic window”) and a table. In turn, these elements integrate “computer vision, machine learning, spatial audio, and real-time compression” technologies working at the same time.

The end result is that the other party appears to be right in front of you. The magic window will show visible depth effects even without special glasses. This is achieved through cameras placed around the screen. These cameras harness the power of AI to create a depth map of both subjects. The models will then be transmitted bi-directionally during the video conference.

Google says Project Starline will work with Meet, Zoom, and more “video conferencing services you use today.” The company will offer more details on this later this year.

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