Google announced some amazing generative AI features for Chrome

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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on the planet, and one reason is that it’s always coming out with new and useful features. Google just announced today that Chrome is getting some amazing generative AI features that will help make using it much easier and more streamlined. This just shows that Google is working on bringing AI prowess to all of its users.

These new Chrome generative AI features are rolling out over the next couple of days

As with any Google rollout, availability will expand as the days go on. These features will be available first in the U.S. market, and then it will make it to others as the days go on.

Tab Organizer

You’re able to make tap groups using Chrome, and you have been for some time. However, choosing which tabs to organize into groups can take a while depending on how many tabs you have open. Also, it can become tedious picking and choosing which tabs to add to your groups. Well, Tab Organizer will automatically organize your tabs based on the types of pages you have open.

Chrome Tab Organizer

All you have to do is right-click on one of the tabs you want to add to the group and click on Organize similar tabs. Chrome will then analyze all of the tabs you have open and give you a list of suggested tab groups. So, if you have several tabs open with similar pages, Chrome will suggest groups based on those tabs. Once you click on the suggestion, Chrome will automatically create that group and place all the tabs under it.

Generative AI themes

With Android 14, Google brought the ability to create AI-generated wallpapers and themes. Well, the company is now bringing this to its browser. When this feature drops, you’ll be able to create your own Chrome themes using generative AI. All you have to do is go to the side panel and click on the Change theme button. After that, click the Create with AI button.

Chrome Generative AI Theme

From there on, it’s as simple as typing what you want your thing to be. When you do that, Google will generate a background and a color scheme for you. Maybe you want a desert theme; you can expect Chrome to generate images of large sand dunes. If you want a winter wonderland, Chrome will generate one for you.

This is all in addition to uploading your own photos to use as the theme and using pre-made themes in the Chrome Store.

Help me write for General text boxes

This feature will be released in next month’s update for Chrome. We’re used to using the Help me write feature in Google Docs and Gmail. Well, Google wants to bring this functionality to more places in Chrome. After the update, all you have to do is right-click on a text field and click the Help me write option. After that, type a few words, and the AI will start helping you out with what you want to write.

This is great for most situations where you want to properly articulate what you want to write. This could be for a social media post, emails, reviews, forum posts, Etc.

At the moment, these features are mostly for personal use. So Enterprise and educational accounts when I have access to these features just yet.

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