Google Chat is getting a Notify All setting

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Google has slowly but surely been making its chat platform better and more usable over the years. While it’s not the most popular platform out there, trailing behind the likes of WhatsApp, it still comes out with some useful features. According to a new report, Google Chat is bringing a new Notify all feature. This is for all the most important channels.

Google Chat replaced Google Hangouts just last year, and it’s a great platform to use if you are in the Google Workspace ecosystem. You’re able to send messages to your colleagues. You’re also able to send messages to other people who have Google accounts. Just like YouTube and Gmail, Google Chat comes packaged with your Google account.

Google Chat is getting a Notify all feature

If you’re using Google chat for business purposes, you’ll definitely want to be able to receive all of the notifications from important Spaces. Maybe you have Spaces dedicated to customers, and you want to make sure that you’re always in communication with them. This is why notifications are very important.

Google chat notification options

Well, Google just announced a new feature coming to Google Chat that will make it easier to stay in contact with people. When you go to a Space, and you go to the notification settings, you will see a new “All” option. When you choose that option, you will be notified of every single message going on in that Space. This includes chats and thread replies. Also, you will receive notifications from Threads that you don’t follow. It’s the best way to stay on top of everything going on in a specific space.

The options panel will have four options. You will see All, Main Conversations, For you, and None. This will better tailor your notification experience.

This new feature is available for all workspace customers and workspace individual subscribers. It’s currently rolling out, and most people on the mobile version and web version should be seeing it within the next two weeks. Other users will start to see this function in the weeks following the initial rollout.

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