Google Chat will finally let you chat with your voice

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Google Chat brings many of the types of features that you’ll find in any messaging app. However, no platform has every feature, and Google Chat was actually missing a very basic feature. However, that’s about to change, as Google Chat will soon support voice messaging.

The ability to send voice messages is something that we can do and pretty much any other messaging application. This includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Messages, Etc. We all wondered why Google skipped this feature for Google Chat. In any case, it’s good that the company is finally bringing this feature.

Google Chat is finally adopting voice messaging

This shouldn’t come as much of a shock if you’ve been following Google. The company recently announced this feature during Google Cloud Next back in December 2023.

When it’s made available, its implementation will be pretty straightforward. When you’re in a chat, you simply have to tap on the little microphone icon next to the text field and picture icon. You will then see a waveform generated as it picks up your voice. While you’re recording, you’ll have the option to pause the recording or trash it. If you’re happy with what you said, you can simply tap the send button to send that message to the recipient.Google Chat Voice Message

You will be able to use this feature in the Google Chat app proper, and you’ll also be able to use it in Google Chat through the Gmail app. It will operate the exact same way.

Right now, this feature is not available to the public. It was discovered by activating flags within the app. So, it’s clear that Google is still testing this feature. We’re not exactly sure when this is going to come out. However, according to Google, it will launch sometime in the first quarter of this year, so we should expect to see it within the next couple of months.

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