Google Chrome Auto Dark Mode for all websites is here but is still beta

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Google Chrome finally has a “Universal Auto Dark Mode”, which drapes any website into a soothing dark theme. Although still experimental, Google has allowed users to turn the new feature on.

Websites are increasingly offering “Dark Mode”, but there are many that blind internet users when they launch. To address this sudden burst of white background, especially during a late-night session, Chrome can force Dark Mode on any website.

Chrome’s experimental feature forcibly imposes Dark Mode on websites

Website developers have been increasingly offering a Dark Mode. However, visitors have to manually turn on this theme for each site.

For several years, internet users have demanded a simple setting that retains this theme for all websites. Needless to say, only browser makers have the ability and Google seems to have implemented the same in Chrome.

Incidentally, Google has long been trying to automatically turn on Dark Mode for all websites. According to BetaNews, Google did add support for a blanket dark-themed interface in the past. However, the company never rolled out the option to display darker versions of web pages.

The recent release of Google Chrome version 123 now includes this feature. Google has essentially offered a setting that applies a dark theme to all websites. The browser changes any website’s background dark, thereby overriding its default theme.

Interestingly, the new Auto Dark Mode setting reportedly works across macOS, Windows, Linux, and ChromeOS. Apps for the Apple iPhone and Android smartphones have this experimental setting. Hence, users should be able to use universal Dark Mode on these devices too.

How to turn on Auto Dark Mode in the Google Chrome web browser?

For several years, Google Chrome users have relied on browser extensions such as Dark Reader or Dark Mode for Chrome. These extensions attempt to turn bright webpages, with a light background, into their darker versions. To start using Google Chrome’s Auto Dark Mode, users will have to disable such extensions.

Incidentally, despite Google including the latest feature inside the stable release of Chrome, it still does not have a simple setting. It appears Google still considers Auto Dark Mode an experimental feature.

Google Chrome users who wish to activate the Auto Dark Mode feature must open a new tab and head over to chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark in the Chrome address bar. Enable the flag Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents, and restart the browser.

The new feature should be able to change the color of nearly all elements on web pages, including links, text, and background. Incidentally, Google does not allow users to customize the colors of elements and uses its algorithms. This might dissuade some users who heavily customize the Dark Mode that third-party extensions offer.

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