Google Chrome to offer native support for ‘Windows on Arm’ devices

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Google Chrome, the world’s most widely used browser, is in the works for native support on Arm-based Windows devices. This move has been long awaited by users of devices like the Surface Pro X or the Lenovo ThinkPad X13s, which runs on the Windows on Arm platform. The Canary build of Chrome, compiled for Windows on Arm, ensures that the browser runs natively on Arm-based devices.

Google could release an official native Arm version of Chrome within the next few months

While this release is currently in the Canary channel, it signals that an official native Arm version of Chrome is in the works and expected to launch within the next few months. The addition of native support for Windows on Arm is a crucial development for Google Chrome.

The Canary release is a clear indication of Google‘s commitment to bringing a native Arm version of Chrome. It will address concerns related to emulation performance. Currently, Windows on Arm runs Chrome as an X86 app through a translation layer, which hinders the responsiveness, notes Ars Technica.

Chrome’s native support on Arm-based devices should improve the responsiveness

The timing of this support aligns well with the anticipated advancements in Arm-based Windows PCs in 2024. The Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite platform is likely to bring substantial performance improvements to future Windows on Arm devices. This move by Google ensures that Chrome users on the Windows-on-Arm platform will experience improved performance. The native support instead of an extra layer in between will offer a more responsive and seamless browsing experience.

Google’s decision to optimize Chrome for Windows on Arm follows a broader trend in 2024, where various applications are pledging support for the platform. Last year, Blackmagic Design committed to releasing a native Arm version of DaVinci Resolve. It promised enhanced video editing capabilities for the machines. With these developments, 2024 appears to be a promising and transformative year for Windows on Arm PCs, with both software and hardware advancements contributing to an improved computing experience.


Chrome Canary for Windows on Arm
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