Google Fi Unlimited Plus now comes with AI Premium for 60 days

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Google is offering a free trial of AI Premium to subscribers of the top plan on Fi. More specifically, Unlimited Plus subscribers can now get two months free of the company’s most powerful AI-powered productivity tools. Let’s remember that now they are better than ever after the Gemini Pro 1.5 upgrade.

Currently, Unlimited Plus is the best plan offered by Fi, Google’s mobile carrier. It includes a ton of benefits like 100 GB of Google One cloud storage, unlimited calling, unlimited data (speed cap upon reaching 50GB), unlimited tethering, 6 months of YouTube Premium, and more. It costs $65 for a single person, but as you add more people to the plan, the price reduces for each one. So, if you include six people in the plan, it will cost $40 for each one.

Now, Google Fi Unlimited Plus includes two free months of AI Premium access

Now, the company is adding an additional benefit to the plan. Google Fi Unlimited Plus subscribers will get two free months of access to the AI Premium suite. AI Premium is an additional subscription that offers access to Gemini Advanced and Gemini in Workspace. There are also some extra perks in the form of exclusive Google Workspace features. Additionally, subscribers will enjoy 10% cashback when purchasing from the Google Store. AI Premium subscription normally costs $19,99.

As reported by 9to5Google, subscribers are receiving the notice via email. From there, they can easily claim the benefits if they wish. Google points out that you will be able to cancel the AI Premium subscription before the two months are up without having to pay anything. However, if you decide to keep it, it will cost you “an additional $18/month to the current price of your Fi plan.”

Interestingly, it seems that you can claim the benefits via email even if you had previously claimed the promo offered directly by Google One. This offer can help capture many people who are still undecided. After all, there are still folks wondering if it is worth paying extra for AI tools.

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