Google Files loses its bottom bar in the latest update

Google Files App AH

Google apps constantly get subtle updates and visual changes as the company further refines its app ecosystem. A new change just happened to the Google Files app that not many people will be upset with. The bottom bar in the Google Files app has been removed.

Previously, when you would go on to the Google Files app, you’d see a bar at the bottom housing three navigation tabs. The app would automatically open to the Browse tab which gave you a quick overview of all the files being held on your phone. Next to that, you would see the Clean tab. This will take you to the area to let you clean files that you no longer need. Lastly, there is the Nearby Share tab. This is a shortcut to activate the Nearby Share functionality to send files to different devices.

However, a new update removes the bottom bar from Google Files

If you’re on the latest version of Google Files, then you will open the app to a little message at the bottom of the screen. This will tell you about sharing files via Nearby Share. It’s a little odd that it doesn’t refer to Quick Share, as Google is in the process of replacing Nearby Share with Quick Share. In fact, a Nearby Share for PC has switched over.

After you shoo away that message, you’ll be met with your Google Files interface sans the bottom bar. You’re not really missing much without the bottom bar. If you want to clean your files, tap on the hamburger-style menu in the upper left-hand corner and tap on the Clean button which is the first item.

If you’re used to using the Nearby Share tab, sharing items is not a big issue. Hold your finger on a file, and press the Share button. You will see the Nearby Share option in the share sheet (it will be in a different spot depending on your device manufacturer). If you share a file after the switch to Quick Share, then you will just see the Quick Share button. Tap on that, and it will do the exact same thing.

If you don’t see this change, then you’ll want to update your app. Find the Google Files app on the Play Store and look for the Update button.

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