Google gives devs new tools to make games better for players

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Gaming on Android has been a constantly growing experience, and at this week’s Google for Games Developer Summit, a key focus for Google has been to discuss all the ways it’s looking to help developers improve the gaming experience for players.

While this mostly applies to players on mobile, players of Android games on PC were being thought of as well. To that end, Google is making more games native for PC by expanding support for additional titles. Some of the most popular games on Android are already available, including Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Genshin Impact, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale, plus plenty of others. Google doesn’t say what these new titles will be, but that there will be more of them optimized to “meet the unique needs of PC gamers.”

Google Play Games for PC is still in beta but if you’re on at least Windows 10 you should be able to install it and check it out. In addition to adding better game support to PC, Google is giving devs more ways to reward players.

The Google for Games Developer Summit intros new rewards for Play Pass

If you’re subscribed to Google’s Play Pass service, then your subscription is about to get a lot more rewarding. Today at the Google for Games Developer Summit, Google announced that it would be adding in-game offers to the service.

This means if you subscribe to Play Pass, you’ll be getting some additional benefits. This will start small with a few of the most popular games available in the Play Pass subscription. Including EA Sports FC Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Monopoly Go!, and Roblox. As part of these in-game offers, subscribers will get special discounts on stuff as well. This will all be included as part of the same monthly subscription price. So Google isn’t increasing the cost, it’s simply adding more value to it by giving away some freebies.

More games will be added to the selection of titles that have in-game offers too.

More ways to sign into your games

Everyone probably has a preferred sign-in method for the games they play. And things are no different with games on the Android platform. You might prefer to sign in with your Google credentials while others prefer Facebook. Perhaps your preferred method isn’t supported. The good news is that Google is adding more ways for users to sign in. Better still, Google says that your game progress and achievements will follow you no matter what device you’re using.

Google is also making a couple of small changes to the Play Store by giving developers ways to make their apps and games more visible to users. “Starting today, you’ll see the latest YouTube videos of some popular games directly on the Games tab and store listing page so you never miss a beat when it comes to your favorite games,” Google says. The games tab will also now include AI-generated FAQs. Most of these changes should start rolling out to users beginning today. Although it might be a few days before they’re visible to all users.

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