Google introduced new features to Wallet during Google I/O

Google Wallet IO 2

Google I/O is wrapping up, and the company announced some amazing new features for Gemini, Android, Wear OS, and more. As part of Google I/O, the company announced some new features coming to Google Wallet. These will all make the platform a much better wallet application to use.

If you want to see what was announced during Google I/O, you can check out our full rundown of what was announced. This consists of the new AI technology that Google announced on the first day. Much of the first day was dedicated to AI technology, so if you’re interested in knowing what is coming out for Gemini, then you will want to check out the rundown.

Google announces new features for Wallet during Google I/O

Starting up the announcements, Google Wallet will be available in all major countries and territories. It is also expanding to India, but it will be for specific use cases. These are boarding passes, event tickets, gift cards, loyalty cards, transit barcode tickets, and photos of documents with barcodes.

Google Wallet API

Now, on to the Google Wallet API. The company announced that it is offering an extension to the Android credential manager API. Users will be able to use credentials from their government-issued IDs.

Also, app developers will be able to request information present on a person’s ID without having to access the entire ID. This means that you can limit the amount of data you are giving to the apps that you are using. Users will be able to review and verify the data that the app needs before giving it away.

Wear OS/Fitbit

If you use Google Wallet with your Wear OS or Fitbit device, then this is good news for you. Google is extending the types of passes that can be stored on your smartwatch. These passes include corporate badges, boarding passes, loyalty cards, and more.

Linked passes

A new feature is called Auto-linked passes. It will allow you to add additional passes to your users’ Google Wallet provided they already have a pass issued by you.

Google gave the example of event providers pushing additional parking passes to the same user who already has a pass. Also, if you have a loyalty program, you will be able to add coupons and promotions to your users even if they already have a loyalty card with you.

Push notifications

Next up, Google Wallet will give developers the ability to send push notifications. This gives developers the ability to send customized notifications to users based on the actions they perform. So, users will be able to receive notifications about anything going on with their cards or passes.

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