Google is selling a $50 Screen Protector for the Pixel 8a

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Google had some accessories ready for the launch of the Pixel 8a, including a $50 screen protector. The phone itself costs $499 in the United States, so the screen protector basically represents 10% of its price.

The accessory is called “ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite” on the Google Store website. According to the description, the protector is “up to 5x stronger than traditional glass screen protection.” It also has a patented oleophobic “ClearPrint” layer to prevent your fingerprints from being left on the screen. So, resistance and cleanliness are the company’s main arguments to justify the price of the protector.

This Pixel 8a screen protector will cost you $50

Like other screen protectors, this one comes with a few items to make it easier to apply. The “EZ Apply Tray” stands out between them as a mold that will help you perfectly align the protector with the screen of your device. These types of molds usually come with other premium protective crystals and are quite useful. Simply fit your device and position the glass inside. If everything goes well, the glass will automatically adhere to the phone screen. Of course, you must first clean the screen well with the other accessories included in the kit.

It’s not uncommon for users of premium mobile devices to buy similarly priced screen protectors. After all, these often even cross the $1,000 barrier. However, a $50 screen protector for a “budget” device draws more attention. Anyway, the ZAGG screen protector is available in case you are looking for more resistance for your new Pixel 8a, regardless of the price.

Of course, Google offers a more affordable alternative. On its website, you can find the “Case-Mate Ultra Glass Screen Protector,” although its application will require a little more work since it does not include a mold. It also doesn’t appear to have a proprietary oleophobic coating like the ZAGG screen protector. However, it still adds additional resistance against scratches and drops.

Pixel 8a zagg screen protector
Pixel 8a ZAGG screen protector

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