Google is working on Ultra HDR support for third-party apps

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The Google Pixel 8 series, launched in October, introduced support for the Ultra HDR images for devices on Android 14. It provided users the ability to capture brighter and more dynamic images and experience them on supported devices with HDR screens. Samsung followed suit with the Galaxy S24 series, announcing that popular social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram would now support Ultra HDR on their new phones.

Now, Android expert Mishaal Rahman has uncovered evidence suggesting that Google is set to expand Ultra HDR support to third-party camera apps using the CameraX API, allowing users on Android 14 to capture stunning HDR images beyond the confines of their OEM camera apps.

The integration of Ultra HDR image capture support into the CameraX API holds promising implications for users who prefer third-party camera apps. Rahman’s findings indicate that apps utilizing the CameraX API will soon be able to output images in the new JPEG_R format designed for Ultra HDR.

Users will probably be able to use their preferred third-party camera app without sacrificing the JPEG_R format

This development will not only benefit social media and messaging apps but also open up exciting possibilities for third-party camera applications. Users on Android 14 can look forward to a more diverse range of apps that can leverage the enhanced capabilities of Ultra HDR, making it easier to capture stunning and lifelike images across various scenarios.

While the details on which phones will support this functionality remain unclear, the move to integrate Ultra HDR support into the CameraX API is a positive step toward widespread availability. As HDR technology becomes more prevalent in smartphones, Google’s initiative to extend the support beyond its proprietary apps showcases a commitment to enhancing the overall user experience and fostering innovation within the Android ecosystem.

In summary, Google‘s efforts to bring Ultra HDR support to third-party camera apps through the CameraX API is a promising development for photography enthusiasts.

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