Google just discontinued Pixel 6a, as Pixel 8a is on the horizon

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Google has discontinued its two-year-old budget Pixel phone, the Pixel 6a. Truth be said, it doesn’t come as surprising given its release in mid-2022 but it doesn’t change the fact that it was one of the best-selling Pixel phones of all time, and its price made a lot of difference. The Pixel 8a is right around the corner, though, so… that’s something to look forward to.

Google bids final goodbye to the Pixel 6a

As first spotted by folks at Droid Life, Google has discontinued the Pixel 6a listing from its official store. Another report from the Canadian tech news site, Mobile Syrup says that it’s not available in Canadian stores either. The same goes for India. That’s why you won’t find it on any pages, and if you try to go to its old link, it will redirect you to the page for the newer Pixel 7a. To answer your query, you can still get the Pixel 6a from other stores such as Amazon or Best Buy. It’s just that Google won’t be selling the phone from now on, presumably.

Google discontinuing the Pixel 6a shouldn’t be bad news, at all

The saying has it, “One [man] phone’s loss is another [man] phone’s gain.” That means we may expect the Pixel 8a to debut sooner. Based on the recent reports, Google’s next affordable Pixel phone could make a debut at the upcoming Google I/O, slated to begin on May 14. As we draw closer to the release date, we’ve come across many such rumors including the mention of a 120Hz refresh rate display, and compatibility with DisplayPort output.

Even before official announcements, unofficial images of the Pixel 8a have surfaced, showing its design. A live photo of the smartphone confirmed a design similar to the Pixel 8. However, there’s some not-so-great news about the Pixel 8a’s price. A report this month suggested it could start at $550, which is $50 more than the Pixel 7a and $100 more than the Pixel 6a. There’s no such reputed claim yet on how much would Pixel 8a cost in other regions.

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