Google Keep testing a floating toolbar and list-making with AI

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Google Keep is testing two new features aimed at enhancing note-taking and list-making experiences. The first feature, ‘Help me create a list,’ brings generative AI capabilities to assist users in quickly creating shopping lists, to-do lists, packing lists, and more. This feature is a part of Google Workspace Labs, which is currently available to testers in English. There’s also another design revamp, currently under development.

‘Help me create a list’ in Google Keep and

Help me create a list‘ is one of the latest additions to Google Keep on Android, designed to assist users with common list-making with Gemini integration. With this feature, (upon tapping ‘Create’ in Keep) users get a “Help me create a list” button on the bottom right. Here they can simply type a prompt like “Packing list for a camping trip with 2 kids in summer” or “Groceries for a week for a vegetarian family of 3,” and Google Keep’s AI will generate a corresponding list.

Below the list, you will see a like and a dislike icon that represents a good and a bad suggestion. If the AI-generated suggestion appears to be inaccurate or inappropriate to you, and you select the dislike icon, you will get to select the issue you found and an option to explain it further.

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A new floating bottom toolbar in Google Keep

Meanwhile, TheSpAndroid shows that Google is also testing a newly designed floating bottom toolbar. This feature is also in the works and currently hidden under flags, which you can enable, given you use a rooted device. This new floating design will likely replace the existing toolbar that covers the whole width of the screen after it completes the testing phase.

It features three primary buttons: one for taking a note, another for creating a list, and a third for creating a drawing or picture note. This streamlined design conserves screen space, particularly in landscape mode. This new floating design in Google Keep is actually very similar to the floating toolbar recently introduced in the Google Chat app, suggesting a consistent design language across Google apps.

The introduction of these features marks Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance the functionality and user experience of Google Keep. While the ‘Help me create a list’ feature aims to simplify list-making tasks, the floating bottom toolbar is a design revamp probably inspired by Google’s Material You design language.

Old bottom toolbar
redesigned floating bottom toolbar

Old bottom toolbar
redesigned floating bottom toolbar

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