Google Messages is developing a fun feature called ‘Selfie GIFs’

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Google Messages is gearing up to introduce a new and exciting feature called Selfie GIFs, discovered by TheSpAndroid. This hidden feature enables users to send a short 4-second video in the form of rounded GIFs. It injects a fun and dynamic element into your conversations. While Google has not officially announced the feature, it appears to be in active development. It offers users a playful way to express themselves through animated selfies.

This feature is currently hidden under the flag – @bugle.enable_selfie_gifs. You normally need to root your device to enable flags through apps like  GappsMod and GMS Flags. However, there’s some good news for you if you are a Samsung user. Google uses a separate build of its Messages app for Samsung-specific devices. Here you can enable hidden flags in beta versions without messing up your Galaxy phone.

After activating the flag, you can trigger the feature by just long-pressing the camera icon. This activates a new UI with a rounded camera frame in the center. It offers users the ability to effortlessly switch between front and rear cameras. After a 3-second timer, the recording kicks off automatically, capturing a brief 4-second video. Once recorded, you can preview the ‘Selfie GIF’. Then you choose whether you want to send the dynamic Selfie GIF or you want to express yourself even better with a retake.

The Selfie GIFs feature in Google Messages will let you spice up your conversation with a 4-second GIF in a rounded frame

Google Messages has seen a series of updates aimed at enriching text conversations. In December, the company introduced several exciting features, including screen effects and custom backgrounds.

The latest addition to Messages follows Google’s unveiling of a refreshed contacts page featuring the Material You carousel and a range of enhancements in the Pixel Feature Drop for compatible Pixel devices. Speaking of the Pixel Feature Drop, it introduced features like Video Boost to the Google Pixel 8 Pro to enhance video playback and an improved Photo Unblur feature.

As the development of Selfie GIFs in Google Messages continues, users can anticipate a lighthearted and entertaining addition to their messaging repertoire.

Selfie GIFs in Google Messages
Credit: TheSpAndroid

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