Google Messages will allow you to send multiple images

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Google Messages is the standard messaging platform on Android, and it’s a very well-developed platform. However, when it comes to sharing pictures, there is one major issue. If you want to share multiple images, you have to share them one at a time. However, according to a new report, Google Messages will eventually allow you to send multiple pictures at the same time.

Speaking of pictures in Google Messages, the company is currently working on bringing a new in-app camera. Previously, Google Messages would just access your device’s native camera interface to take a picture. However, the app is soon to get its own dedicated camera viewfinder. This approach has its downsides, as the new interface is a bit bare-bones.

Google Messages will allow you to send multiple images at the same time

Right now, this feature is not readily available. You will be able to see it if you are using the latest beta version of Google Messages. Right now, if you want to send more than one image using Google Messages, you would have to bring up the file picker for each individual image. As you can imagine, that can get pretty tedious if you have a lot of pictures to share.

After you take a picture with the in-app camera you will see a preview of your image with the Send button right below the preview. Also, there is an Add more button to let you add more pictures to send at once. This is a lot better and more efficient than the previous method.

Right now, we don’t know when Google is going to release this change to the public. Since it’s only available for the beta version, we’re going to have to wait for it to be properly tested. However, we do know that when it does launch, it’s going to make media sharing on Google Messages much better.

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