Google Passkeys have been used by over 400 million accounts

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Google is celebrating World Password Day with a milestone; over 400 million Google accounts have used passkeys. Most who’ve tried them prefer passkeys, Google says. But even with millions using them, a password-free future might not be immediate.

What are Passkeys and why are they better?

Passkeys offer a more secure and user-friendly alternative to passwords. Unlike passwords, which require users to remember complex combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols, passkeys are generated and stored on a user’s device. When a user wants to sign in to a website or app that supports passkeys, they can simply verify their identity using a fingerprint scan, face scan, or PIN.

This method of authentication is more secure than passwords because it eliminates the risk of phishing attacks and password breaches. Passkeys are also more convenient for users as they don’t need to remember multiple passwords for different accounts.

Google is pushing for a passwordless future but challenges still remain

Google is a big supporter of a passwordless future and is working with other tech companies like Microsoft and Apple to make it happen. It is even expanding access to passkeys to journalists and activists who face higher security risks. However, there are still some challenges.

Some users question why they need passkeys if they already use strong passwords and two-factor authentication. There have also been reports of bugs and technical glitches encountered during passkey usage. Before passwords disappear completely, companies need to make passkeys easier for everyone and work across different platforms.

While 400 million accounts using passkeys is impressive, it still represents only a fraction of Google’s total user base, estimated at over 1.5 billion. The path towards a completely passwordless future will require addressing user concerns and continually improving the overall passkey experience. The idea of a world without passwords is certainly appealing, but it seems we’ll need some time and continued industry collaboration before it becomes a reality.

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