Google Photos adds manual categorization options, screenshot labels & more

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Google Photos has rolled out a major and useful “categorization” update that could simplify the organization of documents within the app. This update makes use of artificial intelligence to categorize between screenshots, notes, receipts, and more. So, the next time you’re in an app and most importantly, it’s updated to the latest version, you’ll see these options live.

Google Photos introduces categorization within the app

This enhancement builds upon last year’s announcement by Google, where it unveiled improved automatic document recognition and categorization capabilities. When users open a photo containing text, such as a screenshot or receipt, Google Photos displays a label in the top-left corner indicating the document type.

By tapping on the label, users can easily access options to “Change categories” or “View all documents” of that particular type. The available categories include Screenshots, Books & Magazines, Event Information, Identity Documents, Notes, Payment Methods, Receipts, Receipts and Menus, and Social Documents.

How does this work, and is it useful?

You’d wonder how Google does this. The answer is simple; we know Google has been acing the AI game lately. It’s the result of the same hard work. It uses advanced AI algorithms to recognize and label different types of documents automatically. As noted by good folks at 9to5Google, this update is currently available on Google Photos for Android (version 6.74) and iOS (version 6.107.3), with no support yet on the web platform.

Coming back to the question, how useful is it going to be in our daily lives? You see we’ve a plethora of photos and documents scanned in our phone. However, manually categorizing has always been a cumbersome task. So, with this Google Photos categorization update, we might identify documents with ease. We only need a single tap, and we might find the desired documents in minutes rather than digging through the gallery.

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