Google Photos’ ‘Ask Photos’ will make findings images easier

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The Google I/O 2024 keynote is ongoing at the moment, and Google started throwing out new features. Google Photos, in particular, is getting a very cool feature called ‘Ask Photos’. That feature will certainly supercharge search.

Google Photos is getting the so-called ‘Ask Photos’ feature to supercharge search for photos

In other words, Google is pushing more of its Gemini AI into Google Photos. It will help you find specific photos in your gallery. The search function in Google Photos is useful, but not as useful as this, that’s for sure.

‘Ask Photos’ will appear as a new tab at the bottom. When you tap it, the Gemini star icon will pop up, and you’ll be able to offer inputs. Based on what Google said, you’ll be able to search, for example, for the best photo from each national park you’ve visited.

The results will not only be based on the location, not at all. Gemini will use its judgment to show you the very best, in this particular example. This is just one example, but the results should be more accurate.

You’ll have to type in your queries, at first

Do note that, for now, you’ll have to type in your queries, but voice input seems to be coming. Do note that Google One subscribers will get it first, and the rollout will start for the US English language first. So not everyone will get it straight away.

During Google I/O, Google said that there are three levels of understanding that ‘Ask Photos’ will implement. Those are: “understanding your question”, “crafting a response”, and “ensuring safety and remembering corrections”.

So, technically, the results should become better over time, as is the case with AI. Google did not that the queries are not stored anywhere, even though they’re processed in the cloud, not on your phone.

Google was very clear to say that this does not train “any generative AI product outside of Google Photos on this personal data, including other Gemini models and products”.

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