Google Photos may soon get the option to enhance videos

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Google Photos offers an “Enhance” option for photos that you can use to enhance the quality of your photo with just a single tap. Now, Google is working on a similar feature for videos as well. This means, just like photos, you will be able to enhance videos in Google Photos with one tap.

Enhance your video with a single tap

AssembleDebug, a well-known tipster, tweeted about an upcoming Google Photos feature that will allow you to enhance your videos with a single button. This feature is not currently publicly available, but he somehow managed to enable it on his device by enabling a few flags.

The new enhancement feature is called “Enhance your video” and was spotted in Google Photos version This option is available alongside the Stabilization button on the left in the Google Photos editor, and using this feature enhances the overall quality of your video. It works on the brightness, color, contrast, and other aspects of the video to make it look more appealing.

Enhance you video option in Google Photos.
Source — Android Authority

According to Android Authority, the enhancement process takes some time, depending on the length of the video on which you’re using this feature. The enhancement process occurs locally on your smartphone, not on Google servers. This means that the time taken to enhance videos will also depend on the smartphone you’re using. A low-end smartphone will take more time to enhance the video compared to a high-end smartphone.

When will Google Photos get access to this feature?

As mentioned earlier, this feature is currently in the testing phase, which means Google has yet to announce a release date for it. However, considering the importance of this feature and how much Google Photos needs it, Google likely won’t take too long to roll it out.

Also, since this feature is currently in testing, you can expect Google to make some adjustments to how it works based on the feedback they get. Nevertheless, rest assured that we’ll definitely let you know once Google makes any announcement regarding the release date.

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