Google Photos will make your memories front and center for your friends

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Before, Google Photos was all about keeping a private album of your photos and videos for your own viewing. However, the platform now is all about sharing your memories. Right now, Google is working on a new feature for Google Photos called My Week. It will take your photos and videos and put them front and center for your friends’ home screens.

Though it seems likely that Google will launch this feature, you still want to take this news cautiously. At this moment, this is only a collection of strings found within the Google Photos app. So, there’s no guarantee that Google will launch these features.

Google Photos is working on a My Week feature

This feature comes soon after Google Photos launched its stacked photos feature. While My Week will be new, its concept isn’t all too new. The thinking behind this feature is that it lets you automatically share memories with other people. Currently, you can create shared albums where people will be able to view an ever-updating collection of photos and videos that you post.

Well, with the Google Photos My Week feature, you’ll be able to do the same thing while making your pictures and videos front and center for the people. AssembleDebug (via The SPDroid) discovered a few strings in the code for the latest version of Google Photos. The strings of code allude to the My Week feature and a few things about it.

The way this feature Works, you will invite other people to be included in the album. Then, just like a regular shared album on Google Photos, the people you invite will see new photos and videos that you add to it. The only difference is that the My Week feature will add photos and videos to the invitee’s home screen. They’ll see the memories via a horizontally scrolling carousel. So, they won’t have to navigate to the album to see the new content. It will all be displayed on their home screen.

This feature is for people who want to keep up with what’s going on in their loved ones’ lives. Maybe a family member is taking a trip, and you want to see everything that’s going on.

There’s another feature

Along with the My Week feature, Google Photos is also working on a feature called Real-Time Albums. You’re able to create events within Google Photos. Well, Real-Time albums will automatically suggest photos and videos to upload to the album while the event is going on.

Say, you create an event called “Skiing trip.” Well, during the event, Google Photos will suggest pictures and photos to add to the album. After the event is finished, it will stop. We’re not sure if you will have the option to continue sharing content with the album after the event has expired. It seems reasonable that the app would let you do that.

There’s no telling when these features will come out, so you have to wait to see what Google does next.

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