Google Pixel 8 can increase touch sensitivity when there’s a screen protector

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The Google Pixel 8 series devices are now smart enough to detect whether you are using a screen protector or not. The company has quietly activated the screen protector detector feature exclusively for the Google Pixel 8 series.

A screen protector may prove very useful when you don’t have to replace a damaged display panel, but the added distance between your finger and the digitizer may sometimes interfere with the proper touch functionality of the device. This screen protector detector feature in the Google Pixel 8 series aims to solve just that in a streamlined manner.

The screen protector detector on the Google Pixel 8 series detects when you apply or remove a screen protector. Upon attaching a screen protector, users receive a notification prompting them to enable the screen protector mode to increase the touch sensitivity. The notification reads, “Enabling screen protector mode improves touch when using a screen protector.” Tapping the notification provides users with three options: opening Settings, acknowledging the notification without dismissing it, or disabling the notification.

Enabling screen protector mode on Pixel 8 increases its touch sensitivity and disabling it reduces mistouches when there’s none

The convenience of this feature extends to the removal of a screen protector. When users take off the screen protector, a similar notification appears on the Google Pixel 8. This detection system adds a layer of user-friendly functionality. It ensures optimal touch performance based on the presence or absence of a screen protector.

As said, earlier Pixel devices like the Google Pixel 7 series don’t have this capability yet. Users now have a seamless way to be alerted about the need to enable or disable screen protector mode. Google is likely aiming to make the user experience more seamless from this perspective with the Pixel 8 series. We will have to see when they avail this feature for the previous models.

If you’re using the Google Pixel 8 or the Google Pixel 8 Pro, let us know if you have seen this notification while applying or removing a protector.

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