Google Pixel 9 design gets shown in a video format

Google Pixel 9 concept based on CAD

The Google Pixel 9 surfaced in CAD-based renders not long ago. Those renders basically revealed the phone’s design. Well, a new video has surfaced on YouTube, and it’s showing the Pixel 9 design as well.

The upcoming vanilla Pixel 9 appears in a new video, showing us its design a bit more

The design of the phone in this video is based on CAD renders, in case you were wondering. Therefore, the design is probably spot on. Do note that this is the cheapest Pixel 9 phone that is coming and the smallest.

Based on the CAD renders we’ve seen thus far, we’ll get three Pixel 9 series smartphones this year. One vanilla model with two rear cameras, and two flagship models with three cameras on the back.

As already mentioned, the device you can see in the video below the article is the entry-level model. You can see its pill-shaped camera island on the back, with two cameras included inside it. An LED flash also sits there.

Its camera island does protrude on the back quite a bit

That camera island does protrude on the back quite a bit, it seems. The sides of the phone are flat all around, but they do come with slightly rounded edges. All the physical buttons sit on the right-hand side.

The bezels around the display of this phone won’t be thick, but they certainly won’t be the thinnest around either. A centered display camera hole will sit on the display too.

Now, the designer showed us the phone in a number of colors here, but those are just a part of his imagination. The Pixel 9 will likely arrive in several color options, but we still don’t know what they are.

This smartphone is said to include a 6.03-inch display and measures around 152.8 x 71.9 x 8.5mm (12mm with the camera bump). The phone will likely be made out of metal and glass.

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