Google Pixel Tablet 2 Preview: Release date, specs, price & more

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The original Google Pixel Tablet was launched in May last year, during Google I/O 2023. The device was announced alongside the Pixel 7a, Google’s budget smartphone. The Google Pixel Tablet 2 is expected to arrive this year, though we didn’t hear much about it at this point. That is a bit odd, as May is right around the corner. If Google is aiming to launch this tablet, chances are it will be in May. Its codenames surfaced a while back.

The original Pixel Tablet left a lot of room for improvement, even though it was a solid offering by the company. We do hope to see a number of improvements made with the second-gen model, that’s for sure. So even though the information is scarce at the moment, some details did surface. We’ll also try to fill in the gaps. Let’s see what we can expect Google to deliver this year.

This article will be regularly updated with new information on the Google Pixel Tablet 2 (this is a preview article) — both official teasers and credible leaks, rumors, and insider claims — as it becomes available in the run-up to the release of the upcoming Android smartphone. This is the initial posting of the article.

When will the Google Pixel Tablet 2 be released?

The launch date of the Google Pixel Tablet 2 did not leak just yet. Considering that the first-gen model launched during Google I/O in May last year, we expect the same to happen with the Pixel Tablet 2. The device will most likely arrive during Google I/O 2024. The company’s event will be a two-day ordeal, and it will kick off on May 14. So that’s almost certainly the launch date of the Pixel Tablet 2, unless Google plans a major shift in its release cycle. Google always opens Google I/O with a keynote, so… there you have it. The Pixel 8a will most probably arrive alongside the Pixel Tablet 2, by the way.

What models are coming?

Google announced two different iterations of the Pixel Tablet last year. Those two models were identical in all ways but one, storage. The Pixel Tablet included 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. We’re still not sure what combinations is Google preparing this year, but chances are we’ll get a similar setup. A singular RAM option with a couple of storage options. This year’s model could even start at 256GB of storage, we’ll have to wait and see.

We do hope that Google will offer improved RAM and storage this time around, though. Last year’s model offered LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 flash storage. Let’s hope Google will make a jump to LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0, though I have to say I’m not too optimistic about that. The company will likely want to keep a low price tag on the device, so… we’ll see.

How much will the Google Pixel Tablet 2 cost?

The Google Pixel Tablet was priced at $499 at launch. It was sold with Google’s charging dock/speaker, which was included in that price tag. The Pixel Tablet was envisioned to be both a tablet and a smart display of sorts. Many people would say it did a good job of that, and the price tag Google offered was rather appealing. The company had to cut a number of corners in order to get there, though. If Google plans to keep the same price tag or offer a slight bump, we likely won’t see top-of-the-line specs this time either. We did not see a single Pixel Tablet 2 price rumor or leak, so we can only guess. It’s possible Google has more ambitious plans, we’ll have to wait and see.

What will the Google Pixel Tablet 2 look like?

Even though May 14 is not that far away at this point, the Pixel Tablet 2 design didn’t leak just yet. We did not see its CAD-based renders or anything of the sort. The device’s design is a complete mystery at the moment. The original Pixel Tablet was kind of similar to Google’s budget smartphones from a couple of years ago, in terms of the back side design. The design was understated, and yet nice at the same time. We wonder if the company plans to shift that into something more similar to the Pixel 8.

We need to remember that the Pixel Tablet was a budget device, first and foremost. So Google may want to stick with its design language, and not change things too much. Unless the company is planning to move the Pixel Tablet 2 to a more premium tier of products, of course. All we can do at this point is guess. What we would like to see, however, is for those bezels on the front to get a bit slimmer. The ones on the Pixel Tablet are not exactly slim, so a slight trim would do the trick.

The tablet could be slightly smaller despite the same display size

In regards to the overall size, chances are that Google will want to keep the same display size (around 11 inches in diagonal). The size of the tablet could be a bit smaller if the company ends up thinning those bezels around the display. It remains to be seen. Let’s hope that the design of the device will pop up in the near future, so that we have more to go on.

What specs will the Google Pixel Tablet 2 have?

The Google Pixel Tablet 2 was not exactly a high-end tablet. It did include Google’s most powerful chip at the time, but the specs in general were not exactly high-end. We do expect Google to keep the Pixel Tablet 2’s price under control too. Some improvements are expected, though. We don’t have much to go on in terms of rumors and leaks, but there are some improvements that we’d like to see, and which are plausible.

The first thing that comes to mind is a higher refresh rate display. The Pixel Tablet includes a 10.95-inch 2560 x 1600 LCD display with a 60Hz refresh rate. We’d love to see an AMOLED panel on the Pixel Tablet 2, and at least a 90Hz panel, though a 120Hz one would be ideal. We’ve been seeing a 120Hz panels on budget phones these days. So, Google can certainly figure things out when it comes to that… while keeping the price tag in check.

Google will most likely use the Tensor G3 SoC

In regards to the SoC, the Tensor G3 will be used, almost certainly. That is Google’s most powerful chip at the moment. If the tablet arrives in May, that chip will be included. It’s easily possible Google will stick with 8GB of RAM, but we’d love to see a move to 12GB of RAM. More than one storage option will be available, though it remains to be seen whether we’ll get 128GB and 256GB storage variants, or perhaps 256GB and 512GB storage flavors.

The company will likely utilize at least four speakers yet again, while Android 14 will come pre-installed on the device. Stylus support is expected, while a single camera will be included on the back. An 8-megapixel unit was used in the first-gen model, and it wasn’t exactly great. Still, you won’t be taking a lot of pictures with a tablet if any. The front-facing module is quite important, though, so let’s hope Google will make a jump to a better sensor this time around, and hopefully at least a 16-megapixel one.

Last year’s model included a 7,020mAh battery. The battery life on the Pixel Tablet was not good, but the dock did make it less of a problem. Well, at least in our eyes. We are hoping for a larger battery pack inside the Pixel Tablet 2. On top of that, a new and improved dock would be welcomed.

Should you wait to buy the Google Pixel Tablet 2?

Considering how very little information about the device we have at the moment, we cannot really make that call. The Pixel Tablet is still a great value, and it’s often discounted a bit too. That makes it even more appealing. If you’re not in a hurry, waiting a couple of more months to see what will happen in terms of the Pixel Tablet 2 may not be a bad idea. If you do need a tablet really soon, the Pixel Tablet is still a solid offering, that’s for sure.

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