Google Pixel Tablet now available without speaker dock, at lower price

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Along with the Pixel 8a announcement today, Google is also announcing that the Pixel Tablet is getting an update. The Google Pixel Tablet will now be sold without the speaker dock for $399. It will continue to sell the Pixel Tablet with the speaker dock for $499. But now you have a choice as to whether you want the speaker dock or not, and you can save $100 without it.

The other major update for the Pixel Tablet is that it is now being sold in two more countries. Starting today, the Pixel Tablet is going to be available in Spain and Italy.

Google has continued to outfit the Pixel Tablet with additional features since launch, like Circle to Search and the new Gemini App. Making the Pixel Tablet a whole lot more impressive than when it came out last summer. It will also continue to get updates through 2026, with security updates through 2028.

The Pixel Tablet is one of the best tablets for its price

If this were a few years ago, the Pixel Tablet wouldn’t be as great of a value at $399 since most tablets were around $500 or $600. However, these days, a lot of flagship tablets are closer to $1,000 now. So, at this $399 price point, the only real competitor for the Pixel Tablet is the Fire Tablet, and let’s face it, Fire Tablets are not good if you use any Google services at all.

The Pixel Tablet features an 11-inch display, Tensor G2 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB, along with a 7020mAh capacity battery. It currently runs Android 14 and will get Android 15 later this year. It’s not the absolute highest-end tablet on the market, which explains its price, but it is a really good option. I really loved using the Pixel Tablet last year while I was reviewing it. Without the speaker dock, you can still charge the Pixel Tablet with the USB-C cable and port that are included.

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